Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2013

Last week I spent four days in Bologna Children's Book Fair, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary. This was my first visit and it really was a one of a kind experience with thousands of children's books from different countries and a whole spectrum of publishers. Some of them had very long queues of young illustrators waiting to show their portfolios. Others, such as Topipittori and Corraini, were always crowded, so it was quite hard to look through their books. I really enjoyed the Illustrators exhibition with 385 beautiful illustrations. The guest of honour this year was Sweden and there were lots of Swedish books and contemporary illustrations on display. Below you can find my small selection of photos from this huge international fair.

Display of the best publishers of the year

Illustrators exhibition

Contemporary Swedish illustration

A glimpse at the events the fair offered this year

A long wall for ads and self-promotion


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