Sunday, 17 February 2013

Final BA Project week 2

This week was a random character week. I was sketching without thinking too much about the end result and rather playing with colours. Once I find a character I'm happy with, I'll focus on drawing it in different poses for further development. The story of my picturebook is moving forward pretty well. It's taking a slightly different turn, but maybe for the better...


My initial idea was to tell a story from the author's point of view, showing the viewers what he sees and how he thinks. I realized this wouldn't be fair from all the characters' point of view, not giving them a single chance to speak up. So they'll do anything they want to show off their diverse personalities! If not to impress the author of this book, then at least try to appeal to the reader... 

Can I speak up already? Thank you.
I'll be the MAIN CHARACTER!!!

Wait, do I have to reveal everything already? The story starts with the author who decides to hold an audition in order to find the main character, which is missing in his book. He is quite picky though. Lots of different characters, but no luck in finding the right one!

Sorry, but you are ALL REJECTED...

Can I make my own book then?  

 A book of... REJECTS? Why not?

When editing these sketches I couldn't resist playing in Photoshop and inverting the originals. Looks a bit more creepy. Too creepy for a children's book? Anyways, I'm pretty sure I'll use such a contrast at the very end of the story. The very unexpected ending... where the author realizes he's the BEST main character after all... Is he too late? You'll have to stay with me to find this out as I'm not gonna reveal everything just yet!

I found a great quote by Květa Pacovská, an extraordinary artist of bold colours and shapes:
"White and black are not included in the colour spectrum but for me they are colours and mean maximum contrast. And maximum contrast is the maximum beauty. I am striving for maximum contrast. Red and green. The placing of colours one over the other. It depends on the relation, proportion, rhythm, size, amount and how we placed colours together. It is like music. Each individual tone is beautiful by itself and in certain groupings we create new dimensions, harmony, disharmony, symphonies, operas and books for children." [The Art of Květa Pacovská]

CONTRAST! This is one of the main things I'll be working with in this picture book. I'm pretty sure about using plain white background again for this book so the characters stand out as the main focus. The text will probably be black for the best contrast. Very simple, very clear. Keep it SIMPLE! That's something I'll have to keep reminding myself of during this semester as it's really easy to start complicating things without any particular reason. Lots of work waiting ahead, lots of characters to be discovered, lots of fun too!

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